The World’s First Hands-Free Voice
Thermal Experience

When your business runs 24/7 and every second counts, downtime simply isn’t an option. Unlock the power of thermal vision to see and solve issues easier and faster than ever. Adding voice-controlled thermography to your modular RealWear Navigator device keeps your eyes on the job and your hands free to work safely and effectively.

The Thermal Camera Module is a dual-camera unit which includes both the standard 48MP sensor, and a thermal sensor. With the ability to switch seamlessly between the visible spectrum and infrared it enables you to capture the heat signature of the surrounding environment. Connect the Thermal Camera Module to your RealWear Navigator 500 Assisted Reality device to provide an unrivalled hands-free experience.

Activate Your Sixth Sense


Voice-activation helps you perform an inspection or diagnose an issue while keeping your hands free.

New Perspectives

With thermal and visible sensors, you can see what you can’t see with the naked eye. Spot issues before they become a problem.

Built To Last

Maintains ruggedness and IP66 rating so you can keep using your Navigator even in dusty or damp environments.

RealWear’s Thermal Camera Module has been developed by Teledyne FLIR – the world’s leading manufacturer of infrared products. The Thermal Camera Module is compatible with the FLIR Thermal Suite for viewing radiometric photos, with temperature readings built-in to the image, for unrivaled accuracy.


Electrical Inspections

Diagnose potential areas for preventative maintenance or repair by identifying spots exhibiting out of ordinary temperature.

Motors and Pumps

Great for process monitoring. Can perform line inspections, diagnose machinery overheating or friction in bearings, and more.

Building Diagnostics

Identify areas with missing insulation or air leaks. These areas will show up as cold or hot spots relative to the surrounding area.

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